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Performance diaries

Wednesday was opening night... and the only word to describe it was:
Wow. There is nothing more fantastic than looking around at your fellow cast mates and knowing that they feel the same way you do. Even sound checks are thrilling, because you get to hear your voice going throughout the auditorium and just a matter of minutes later it's full of people waiting to hear you and everyone else's hard work.
The only bad part?
Waiting. After places was called, we rushed to where we would open the show and I got positively shaky just waiting for the lights to go out and the curtain speech to begin. After what seemed like ten minutes the noise died out, the curtain speech began, and I walked out onstage to begin my lines.
The rest of the show flowed seamlessly, it seemed. All too soon, we were taking our bows and walking into the crowd.
The most comments I got on my performance?
"I had no idea you could SING like that!" "You did amazing!" "You rocked" "Jojo!"



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