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In the beginning...


I was cast as Jojo, my DREAM ROLE. As time progressed, the cast got increasingly better and better, and the show pulled together like magic.
Then opening night happened, and I could have floated into the stratosphere I was so happy. The next morning though...
I'd lost. My. Voice. Not. Good. So I was very careful with my voice so I'd be able to sing that night, but it was still gone, and then... I said a prayer, asking that I have my voice back for the show. I could mess up a dance as long as I had my voice.
And that night my voice came through better than I had hoped, and the show went on without a hitch! This has happened every night, me losing my voice, and my Heavenly Father has always been there to help me out. I'm so grateful for this wonderful experience, and for his influence in my life.



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