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classical music


I love almost every kind of music, with the exception of heavy metal and songs where people scream profanities at you. Wait- I said music, so I guess that excludes those types altogether! Getting off track, sorry.
Until recently I wasn't a huge fan of classical music. I like the kind of music that gets your pulse going, or makes you deliriously happy, etc. Classical music never quite fit the bill, but then I became patient enough to sit through one song and that changed my perspective. Don't ask me which, I don't remember, but instead of getting my pulse going, it relaxed it deliciously, and made me... pleased and content, rather than simply happy. So now I have an entire album of it on Penelope (my iPod), and I love it. This is the kind of music that begs to be played just loud enough that it fills your senses and takes you to a different little world within your imagination.
I think one of my favorites is Yo-Yo Ma. I have his album and I adore it. Libertango, Butterfly's Day Out, and Gabriel's Oboe are just a few of my personal faves.
I swear I would marry that man's cello. :)
Just kidding! That would be weird.
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