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a check-up story


It was time... to go to the doctors, Geneal and I. We were prepared for everything, and we weren't worried. Then we got there, and the nurse handed us some paper stuff and asked "You girls don't mind getting undressed in the same room, do you?" Hahahaha...
I don't mind, except the whole getting undressed thing. That's just creepy and for three year olds. NOT fourteen and twelve!! But what can ya do? So we sat there for a while looking like this:
... minus the cheesy grin. Then the doctor came in, and we got poked and prodded and bent down once or twice. Then I found out I get to be tested for a growth hormone deficiency! Because I'm shorter than average, you know, and if I'm not deficient they can still give me stuff to make me grow taller. But do I want to be taller? Nope. I'm lovin' things from down here!!
After that we got to be shot at. Just kidding, folks. But we did get shots for tetanus and meningitis and tuberculosis. I never realized until then how much I dislike needles. They are pokey and I do not like the length of them. I mean, going into your skin? No gracias! And to top that off, tetanus shots hurt your arm! And I bruise.
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