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I'm really out of touch blog-wise, and I apologize for that. But, as long as I keep you informed of the more vital parts of my life, it's okay right?? That way I spare you of some boring details. *commence applause* AnyWho....
Before school ended we got a little announcement. The next semester, there would be a play. A musical, to be exact. And that play would be...
I got excited, because hello? Dr. Seuss is awesome! So I got the little paper thingy, and read through the characters. I decided that Jojo and I were meant to be, and that I was perfect for that part. Okay, okay, I know that sounds totally vain, but we're all allowed some moments of self-indulgence, aren't we? That's how I rationalized it.... so I picked out a song (Wouldn't it be Loverly, from My Fair Lady.) and practiced it a few times. No, not all summer, not dilligently like my life depended on it, but a FEW TIMES BEFORE THE AUDITION. And until the audition, I'd done it all by myself, with no accompaniment at all, but right before I went and took that leap of faith, my mom convinced my to get it accompanied. Thank you, mother. You saved me. :) But then, horror of horrors- I'D MISSED THE DANCE HOW-TO!! I was in for failure, I was sure. But Vanilla, -who is totally Supergirl in disguise, I swear- saved my bacon and taught me the dance. Junior high came before highschool, so she was able to teach it to me. Then we went in, and did our thing. I made sure to project as well as I could, and I guess it paid off, because today as I was slinking toward my locker with a feeling of dread and nervous nausea (I'd totally decided to not even look at the stupid results), my friend runs up to me screaming "YOU GOT JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm sorry, I don't think I infused enough emotion into my words. Why don't you run around screaming that for a while, and you'll get a general idea, okay? Long story short, I dropped my bag, and my jaw, shook my head, and said "You have to be kidding. Please say you're kidding." But nope, there it was in ink! So this little guy and I will get to know each other veryy well over the next few months.

Woot! Showings will be the first week of December, opening on Wed. Dec. 1 @ 7:00, thru Sat. Dec. 4th @ 2:00 and again @ 7:00. Please come! Ticket prices will be revealed at a later date.

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