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Sit back, relax, and step on the gas.


Well, here I am in lovely Colonia Juarez, Mexico typing just for you. Okay, I'm doing it as much for myself as for you, but still, bear with me okay?
Sorry, had to get that out. Moving swiftly on: I just drove around in the good ol' family suburban and I took some hills, did some swerves, and made a u-turn or two. Bahaha. And the bestest part? It wasn't just me! Geneal did some driving too, across a river and a bridge. It was kinda funny being behind her and watching her stumble over the shoulders in the road, turning around, and especially passing some four-wheelers. That was quite laughable, to put it mildly. She totally flipped out and didn't know what to do. HA! Not like I would have been much better, and truth be told, I gripped my seat tightly as she backed up, but we survived. I am typing this, aren't I?
This wasn't my first driving experience, either. It gets easier and easier as I practice, and this time, I was pretty much fearless -which can be a very bad thing with me- and went past 40 mph at one point. And then I realized I was over the speed limit. *cough cough* Oops. But I only went over because I felt like I was going slow, I guess driving for a while made me less sensitive to speed. Is that normal? Gosh, it was fun. I luv driving!!
p.s, just so you don't pee your pants, my dad WAS right next to us the whole time. Pinky-swear.
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