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A random haiku.

I call this little gem "Chicken Noodle Soup".

Chicken soup for lunch.
Seasoning makes it taste good.
Oops- too much lemon.

That was beautiful, wasn't it? Haiku's are so interesting to read and write. Three lines, first line five syllables, second seven, and then third back to five. I recently read a book, Sorta Like a Rockstar, and the main character (Amber Appleton) has a friend who is really into the zen lifestyle and frequently writes haiku's. Now, I'm not a poet by any stretch of the imagination, and probably never will be. I can't even think of anything remotely poetic or even philosophical. And when I think I do, as soon as I say it or whatever, my friends all twist it. So I think I will give up on the world of poetry and philosophy. Not for me, I'm not smart enough. But the nice thing about haiku's is that there is no pressure, shall we say. You don't have to rhyme it or anything silly like that. And the best part? You can write about anything, and everyone can do it! Even, miracle of miracles, me. I've tried and tried to write them, and never had any success. Until about midnight on Wednesday, when suddenly three of them popped into my head! So I wrote them down and went on with my life.
Just thought I'd add that tidbit in there.
If you were wondering where the heck I got this weird inspiration from, it was none other than the fantabulous Plinky. I didn't write a haiku about my lunch for fun or anything, because honestly, who writes haiku's about their last meal? Wait- me. Nevermind. But I didn't come up with this ridiculous idea, Plinky did. Blame it on them.
I'm curious, what was your last meal? You should haiku about it!

p.s. if you couldn't understand any of this post, I understand. I wasn't trying to make an understandable post anyway, I was just bored.


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