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*three* more days!


It seems like last Tuesday I was in seventh grade, and now I'm about to leave the warm embrace of junior high and now about to launch myself into the dark doorway of High School. Tell me honestly: am I the only one who is totally freaking out?! I'm having dull dreams about last-SECOND assignments and finals. I am so ready for the summer! As Russell Baker says: "Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." Truest words ever said. Did this guy live in AZ or something? I'm looking forward to the heat, the swimming, the sleepovers, parties, and going to Mexico next week! You have no idea how much I miss that place. I'm actually homesick. Yes, for a place I've never lived in, I'm very homesick. :) That is the perfect beginning of SV (summer vaca) for me! Per-fect. Now, back to the end of school. I have three more full days of it- scary. Then after the third day we have the awards ceremony, which is technically the last day. We USUALLY have 'dress for success' where we can dress up nice to receive our awards. But this year, some students apparently "abused the privelage" and now we're stuck in stupid uniforms for the best day ever! That, my friends, is retarded. It makes me so mad!

By the way, we got our yearbooks yesterday! It's pretty... and according to a tradition that is probably universally known, I counted and I'm in the yearbook three times. Really four, because if you squint, you can see the corner of my forehead in a dance picture. But whatever. I like it still! I'm kind of panicking over this whole end-of-school thing too, because what's going to happen to my friends? And I'm scared to leave my loverly teachers, some of which I've had since the seventh grade. Gah.... In other awesome news, next week I'm getting an audition slip for Seusical the Musical!!! I've made up my mind to be in every single play in my school until I graduate. And I can do it. Watch me. So what are you looking forward to during the summer?
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