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History tour, laughs, pictures, and maybe even a dash of randomness.


So this Wednesday we embarked on the legendary Jr. History Tour! I seriously have been awaiting this thing since the beginning of eighth grade. And now... it's over. Sniff, sniff, tear, tear. The first that happened was... I rebroke my glasses. What? You don't remember me breaking them? Let me explain. No, wait, too long. Let me sum up. (where's that from?) I broke my glasses, went blind for a week, superglued them back together and then dropped them as soon as I arrived at school to board the bus. Yay.
(see my lovely tape?)
My mom even asked me if I needed to bring my old glasses "just in case". Guess who was dumb? Don't answer that.
The bus ride was blissfully uneventful,

and we soon arrived at the Graham Canyon!

It was pretty neat, because we actually went down into the canyon, which is something I have never done before.
Then we went to dinner at the Cameron Trading Post. We laughed the whole time, I think we were just over-tired. Then it was time for room arrangements, and I was entrusted the room keys. Dumb. It flew out of my pocket into the bushes, hungry for random items! Stupid, stupid wind/ Luckily, we had two keys. And unlucky for us, we also had no AC. Even though it was in the low forties outside, it was probably eighty fifteen degrees in our room. We didn't sleep well, if at all. I say that because we stayed up until about midnight being silly and then after that, me and Jennika talked. We woke up at 2:19 am, and talked until 5:13 am. It was so nice, because all of our roomates were polar opposites social-wise. Jennika happened to be one of the nicer populars, and we had so much fun. I never expected to get to know someone so quickly, and it wasn't just a passing thing. The next night we planned to sleep together again, but the others had other plans, going to other beds and leaving us in a split. It was then we discovered one of them had the mother of all colds. Needless to say, three of us squeezed into one bed.
Favorite part of the trip? The Pink Jeep Tour. That ride was beast. (inside joke) We were ROFL-Coptering the whole time. (another inside joke)

I'm out of inspiration for this post... so see ya!

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