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Time to break out the wrinkle cream...


We've all been mistaken age-wise, yes? I definitely have. While holding my baby brother somebody asked me is he was mine. Okay, okay, that really doesn't have a lot to do with how old I am in this day and age, sadly enough. But you get my drift. Give or take, people can be off a few years, and maybe it's because of the way we look, but I don't think I look old, do I? In a three-year-old's eyes, I'm older than you'd think.
I was watching a few little kids in my neighbors backyard while the mom went to drop off her little brother at music lessons. Thing 1 ran over to play with them, and I called him over to talk to him. After he left, this little girl walks up to me, points to him and says:
"So is he your grandson?"
Am I the only one totally blown away by this statement? For a minute I was too shocked to laugh. I quickly recovered and answered that no, he was not my grandson but my little brother. I really hope she was just mixed up, because she asked me that twice. I'm not even a mother yet, and I look like a Grannie. Should I be concerned?

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