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Oh sister, oh sister, oh sister, oh brother OH BROTHER!!!

Sigh... this is why I do NOT INVITE PEOPLE TO MY HOUSE!!!!! SIBLINGS!!! Not ratting them out or anything, but could you give a girl and her friends a little PRIVACY PLEASE?! Seriously. Every time I have friends over, they get into my face and theirs. And it makes me want to.... um, go punch a Care Bear. I also specially request their "absence" from us, so I can actually carry on a conversation without being interrupted constantly! Can you tell I'm just a LITTLE upset? No? Well, I am. Be-lieve it. Sometimes though, if I'm really lucky, the said friend in question will hang out with them. I'm not trying to be over-possessive or anything, promise, but I just feel a little left out when it's my siblings that are having fun, and not me. Oh well. I've talked to my buds, and they have layed off the sib-playing. Thank gollyness!!!
So, if you are a sibling of moi, kindly knock off the shenanigans. I leave you alone.
And I promise I'm not trying to be a mean rude jerkwad... but please. * pitiful puppydog face *

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