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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Today is my dearest momsie's birthday... so I decided to list some Fab Five Facts:
  1. I love her easy laugh. She can laugh at almost anything, and to go a day without hearing it is like a day without sunshine. It just cheers you right up to hear her cheerful giggles!
  2. She is such a good cook. She has been able to make something out of anything and it tastes good 99.9 % of the time. :)
  3. She listens to me whenever I have a problem, I'm bored, or I just need someone to hear me. She listens first, and then helps however she can, and I appreciate that.
  4. She has a really good sense of style, which comes in handy often. ;)
  5. She's just plain fun to be around! I love talking, shopping, driving, anything with her. Glad I'm your daughter, mommy!

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