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Back off the ground.

It feels so nice... touching the keyboard again. I'm so spoiled, I know. But this past week has been pure torture for me! Because, evil child I am, I got myself grounded. Yes I will tell you the whole story, because I'm an honest person. STOP LAUGHING. I AM!!!
Tuesday rolls around, as usual, and Jayme asks me if I wanna walk home with her, as usual. I accept, and I call my dear mumsie to tell her the plans. We set off, and when we're a few streets away, I remember something terrible and shocking- I forgot to tell my carpool where I was going!!!! CRACKERS. But it's too late to go back. I try to brush off the uneasiness that is gripping me, and eventually forget it. Until at the house, my mom calls me. She. Is. Furious. Apparently they stopped by my house wondering where I was, after thirty minutes of looking. I'm grounded, and I'm going home. Now. I feel scared, because I'm a weenie, but more than that, I feel positively awful about causing my carpool any worry. Than I see my car pull up, the black paint looking ominous in my current situation. It's like condemning me to death and certain destruction. I'm not even kidding, guys- my knees went totally weak. I almost fell over. I walk out to the car, and it's MY DAD. This is not cool. On the way home, he chews me out for being irresponsible, and gives me the terms for my grounding. Two weeks, textless, computerless, friendless. At this point I don't say anything, nor do I care. I knew I was toast, but what about the carpool?! What am I to do? I head straight for my bedroom and I write a giant apology letter, expressing my deepest regrets at my awful stupidity. Then I make an entire plate of apology muffins- inside joke with Julie, my carpool. I ding-dong ditch them and run home, feeling slightly better. At home, I discover something: a week has been lifted just for me apologizing. If I behave, I get freed. I also find out that according to some screwed-up tradition, things were not as bad as mom and dad said. I guess they didn't even arrive at the campus until thirty minutes after I left, and they looked for me ten minutes before going home thinking it was a lost cause. Of course I would find this out after I bake a bunch of stupid muffins, write a sappy note and drop it by their house! They probably think I'm the most pathetic drama queen they've ever had the misfortune to meet!!! Whatever, scat happens.
At least last night my dad decided I served a good sentence, because I've been cut loose early! Not a moment too soon, either. I have been so tempted to just check my email quickly, or something like that all the time. But I haven't been able to bring myself to disobey, which is awesome; especially since last night I had the biggest cheating opportunity of all last night. Think babysitting, with the computer hooked up to the TV. I could've been on as long as I wanted! But I simply could not do it, because I promised I would be good... and I was reading an interesting animal book, haha! So, lesson learned?




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