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You know you are best friends when...

You have the bravery to go out there and share your cooties with each other. Don't barf. Explain? Yes.
Jayme came to my house to help me work on my project for Library Science (ha!) and stayed through dinnertime. We figured, what the heck? Might as well eat. So we dish up some tuna casserole and dig in.
But- wait. It. Is. So. Bland. So I break out the famed:
Best seasoning ever. I practically worship the stuff. So I'm standing there, shakin' it into my beauty-full bowl, and Jayme saunters up and asks what I am doing and I demonstrate the amazingness of lemon pepper by giving her a taste of it. She says it tastes good, and shakes some into hers. Then this little thing wanders in
and captures her attention so she grabs him up and gives him undeserved squeezes while I stand there and roll my eyes. Then we return to our food.
Holy cow, how much seasoning did I put into this thing? ALMOST NONE!!!! I need my stuff lemony! So I retreat back to the fantabulicious yellow powder and shake even more into my bowl. Meanwhile, Jayme is freaking out at the disgustingly high amount of lemony goodness that seems to have stumbled haphazardly into her fishy noodles. Then something clicks.
You know what's coming, don't you?
I turn "my" bowl around just enough to see the chip in the top. Of JAYME'S bowl. That I am eating out of. With her fork.

Oh drat.

I should probably tell her.

She gags.
I laugh hysterically, because there really is nothing you can do but wash off the forks and, well, laugh! It happens! That's what I'm learning day by day. It's also one of my favorite songs by Sugarland. :)
But it really was the funniest thing that happened to me all that day. And when Jayme's dear sister picks her up? Her description of me was pretty comical, if I do say so myself. Ahh... the sharing of DNA.
How sweet. Well, not really.

Because it was lemony.



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