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Street Patrick's Day

And, yes, I just said Street. Because, duh, St. Patrick? Street!
No I'm NOT that dumb. Just... different, if you will.
Have you ever caught (wait, no wrong word choice!) a four leaved clover before? Held it in your hand, danced a jig and seen the wonder on people's faces? Maybe not the jig part...
But have you? A real, honest-to-goodness lucky duck token? I have! Truth! In fifth grade, at recess. You have to understand that yard... in the springtime the whole field was covered in the softest clover imaginable, and one year in got high enough that you could lay in them and be hidden in your own private shroud of cool, moist greenery. It was amazing. And it swam with ladybugs of all colors. It was a fairyland of sorts. You understand. So I was out there enjoying the breathtaking color of it all, and sat down to relax when I stumbled upon this rare treasury: the legendary four-leaved clover. I was shocked, I was amazed, and... popular at this moment in time! YES!!! Well, until some jerkwad came and stole my pride and joy, ripping it in the process.

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