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Spring break: winding down.

How has your spring break treated you all? I hope you've done all you wanted and more. I hope you enjoyed yourselves to the best of your abilities. Mine has been... well, different. Not quite up to expectations, if you will. First off, nobody was planning the tragic and unexpected passing of our dear cousin, Jake. That altered the course of things dramatically.
I also was not planning on having the little kids my mum watches back at home for break. But, only for a day or two (awesome). But I had fun nonethelesss.
Monday I went to the mall with Geneal and had some funn. I gots me some mints, sunglasses, CUTE earrings, and a pretzel. And I got a coupon for eyebrow 'threading' (was the dude trying to tell me something here?!) and other fun shtuff. Oh yeah, as we were walking in, this attractive guy waved us over and asked for a pen.
Tuesday was my dear Kaitlyn's barfday so I gave her a heart attack like the kind person I am, and then we went to the movies and saw Alice. AWESOME FLICK. ♥ it!!
Wednesday I went over to Jayme's house and watched Planet 51. Cute movie! =)
Thursday was a blur. I think I spent the day reading in bed, and that night I broke some glowsticks and splatter painted my wall with them. oops... Mum wasn't supposed to find out. Whatever. IT. WAS. SO. COOL. But it faded fast. Poo. Like my own private galaxy. Ah.
Today was sad. We went to Luke Airforce base to receive Jake's body, and it was a very... sobering experience. Hearing people cry, the people I've never even seen frown were sobbing. It was sad, and I wish I had more emotion than I did. I felt like a mute, emotionally drained and empty. It was hard watching them, and I wanted to run up to them and hug them, let them cry it out and tell them I was here if they wanted to talk. But the opportunity didn't present itself and I didn't know Jake as well, so I could do next to nothing. But still. Maybe tomorrow at the funeral I'll be able to be of comfort to someone in some small way. That's all I hope for.

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