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Save the drama for... someone other than me, please!


These past few weeks have been... kind of awful, drama-wise. Every day someone is fighting, or somebody bombed a test, and other junk. And I'm SICK OF IT. Just sitting at my table at lunch is draining me and I'm considering relocating myself. Is it really necessary to fight over everything, such as sitting with someone else? And getting huffy over music is just ridiculous. we are always calling each other names, or saying rude things, or teasing each other about what we are EATING. I'm so TIRED!!! Can we not grow up?! I guess this is just a part of school, and growing up, but we could seriously stand a little shaping up. I promise myself I will try to behave better and not get involved in this crud, and I won't be such a jerk. Hopefully next week will be easier... because I want a change for the better. So, enough of this infantile nonsense. Okay?

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