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No pretenses.


Masks. Everyone has one of some sort, sometimes even many, because we are all so self-conscious, we hide the real us from the world, fearing all the while what others think. You see it in children ("I don't like purple." "I do." "Well, it's not bad, I guess...") Things like that. We are hiding our true feelings from other people because we are afraid of what they will think of us. Why does it matter? Why should they care? If they do, then maybe they aren't the best people to hang around with. But, time and time again, we hide ourselves with that stupid mask. Who do we want to be, anyway? A clone? Where is the excitement in that? Nowhere. I have masks, I admit. I try to please, but I come home confused and wound up. I'm tired of these masks. So I'm letting go of them. Here's one:

I like pink. A lot. And I'm sick of people dissing my color, because then I feel required to put on the mask of pink-disser. I love pink! In fact, I think I will make the text pink. Or the closest thing to it. PINK PINK PINK. Go ahead and gag, I don't care anymore! Hahaha!
Another thing: I am a girly-girl. You may have already known that for it a fact, but I feel constantly pressured to hide it, for the sake of the people I know. Well, not anymore! I LOVE makeup, and I LOVE purses, and almost anything else that is girly! Lip gloss is a major must-have, and the mall is super fun. However, I don't like clothes shopping. Something about it leeches the energy from me, and I just want to lay down and sleep. Jewelery is not a big concern for me either, but I'm starting to care more. Shoes= love, for me. But, really, does it matter? Have I changed at all in your eyes? The mask did nothing in my life but made me someone I wasn't. And now I'm returning, unleashing the me that I know, and I'm not going to be ashamed. I'm going to let myself be heard, and I won't care if you don't like it, because I do, and I'm fine. If you can't stand it, then leave me alone cuz that's not going to affect me, hopefully. No more being swayed by the crowd, no more feeling knotted up and confused. Embrace it, and become the person you know you are, not what others want you to be.

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