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It's genetic? Drat.

Could it be that my behind's the only thing that's really mine?
Shel Silverstein himself asked that one very bestirring question in one of his poems. It's about a kid who has his mom's hair, his dad's nose and his grandpa's eyes. Literally. It has always struck me as funny, up to this point. I was reflecting on trivial things, like how families look alike and such, and I got to thinking. Why do we all look alike? It's genetics, of course! But if you think closely, what really IS yours, and just yours? Maybe your eyes? Nope, that's from Aunt Mavis. Your skintone? No, it's identical to your mothers! But, what about your personality? Even THAT is affected by family members, in some aspects!!! It kinda bums me out, because I want to have something that is different from everybody else, and not just some trait shared by my fifteenth great-grandmother. I long for individuality, something that is purely me, and only me.
COULD it be that my behind really IS the only thing that is truly mine?

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