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I am... a duncecap.

I hate dumb moments. They are badness and uncool in every way!! And it's not that I expect myself to have a perfect IQ... it's just sometimes the dumbness kicks in at the most awful moments possible. Like last night, for example. I was so tired that I FORGOT HOW TO DO DIVISION. DIVISION, PEOPLE! To make it worse, Vanilla comes up and says something like "Oh! We'redoing those. I have a hard time, too." Gr-e-a-t. My younger sister even knows how to do these, and due to my sudden stupid-streak, I have no idea what my own hand looks like. I had hold in the tears, which is something I'm becoming quite good at, because I have to suppress them at multiple times during the day. One day I will explode into tears, and no one will console me. I'm holding the tears in because I feel so amazingly infantile. I can't do math, because of my, er, weak education in elementary. For that, I have suffered greatly, and every Monday and Wednesday I am reminded of this crushing truth in fourth period pre-al. Bane of my existence. The fact that my siblings go to Franklin and are recieving the education I never had hurts too. I sound spoiled, I know. But these feeling have to come out somewhere. But it's too late to wish for that, so I will try to move forward with faith. TRY.
Another duncecap-worthy thing is today. I'm not athletically blessed at all, okay? But I get what the point of kickball is. You kick a ball, and if I get the okay, I run to a different base. But telling me how to kick the ball?! Come ON!!! I'm not as stupid as I look, guys! Promise!

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