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Hum your favorite hymn. (Or blog. It could work!)


Up until a year or two ago, hymns utterly bored me. I thought they were "ugly" songs with the same melody, and there was no way it could be beautiful. Yes, shocking I know. But I have a new outlook on them now, so they are sort of a thing of beauty. Hymns are one of the simplest ways to show our Heavenly Father we love Him, and I know that now. And they aren't "ugly" anymore, they're different. They are not classical music, nor are they jazz, or pop or rack or anything of the sort. They belong to a genre all their own, and they deserve respect; as do all branches of music. Hymns are like poems we sing, which is pretty much what they are! Anyway, today I felt especially touched by the last hymn we snag. "God be with you till we meet again". I think this is my favorite song out of the hymnbook, because it is such a beautiful message that is conveyed. We also sang this song at my uncle Timmy's funeral, which was a lovely reminder of the Resurrection. At my funeral, I would like that sung.
Another thing about hymns is the satisfying feeling you get when you successfully play one on the piano. It's such a good feeling to know you can show the Lord your thanks by playing His music. And they really can bring comfort to those who need it. And some hymns just sound so cheerful it's hard NOT to sing them. They aren't all the same! They are diverse and unique! So, what are your favorite hymns? What makes them so special to you?



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