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Yay!!! Another birthday! With one more coming up pretty soon, too! I feel so lucky. Wait, it's St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it's a side effect. Meh, I'll take it!
So, the lucky ducky-slash official old fart is...
None other than my darlingest Kaitlyn!!!!
And the Fabulous Five Facts are... (drumroll, please)

  1. She is officially fourteen years of age!!!! WOOT.
  2. Her beautific nickname of specialness is Falinda Jo. But that is between us friends, so don't ruin it and call her that. Capiche? Good.
  3. We speak a special language. Muahahaha.
  4. We are the coolest shoppers ever, seeing as how we go to Wal-Mart in style. Maybe I'll post some pics sometime in the future. Because posting in the past is useless.
  5. We have countless inside jokes, and more are created every day almost.
Happy late birthday! Thanks for being born!!!!!

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