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Book review: Ella Enchanted.

ello friends! Yesterday I read and finished Ella Enchanted, and according to tradition- okay, maybe not TRADITION, but you get my drift- a book review is required. Here we go! First off, though, a little summary:

Ella is a girl who finds out that she has been cursed with the “gift” of obedience, a curse bestowed upon her at birth by Lucinda, the stupid fairy. Ella’s mother dies when she is young, and shortly afterwards, her father gets in trouble, losing all money. He marries Dame Olga, an odious woman who has two horrid daughters named Hattie and Olive. Ella goes to finishing school with them, and later escapes with a purpose: to break the awful curse before she does something horribly drastic. So, taking nothing more than a magic book from her fairy godmother Mandy and some other small essentials, Ella sets out to find Lucinda to take back the curse. Along the way, she meets elves, ogres and giants, and becomes acquainted with the handsome Prince Charmont. Throughout the book, she has to do many things because of the curse, ranging from humorous, to humiliating, to heartbreaking. She finally breaks the curse herself when she refuses a request by Prince Char.

There! Bored you enough yet? Get ready for more!

· Ella is so smart, and I love her humor. I wish more people were like her.

· The story is well-written, and a dictionary isn’t needed at all. Nothing confusing.

· Fast read- I was able to read the whole book in about two hours, tops.

· The characters are believable, and it’s sad to find that they are not real.

* Yes, I saw the movie. Would you like some comparisons? I knew you would! *

· For the record, they hardly followed the book AT ALL. Frustrating? Yep.

· There was no talking book/boyfriend.

· Mandy is an old lady, and nobody knows she is a fairy until Ella talks to her.

· The dad does not love, and could probably care a little less what Ella does.

· Dame Olga and her daughters, Hattie and Olive, are all fat, and they don’t marry until much later.

· A big one!!! There is NO evil uncle, NO poisoned crown, NO evil snake, and NO imprisoning.

· Slannen is NOT a lawyer, and only shows up once in the book.

· Olive, the poor dear, is a tad dumber than portrayed in the movie.

· Ella goes to finishing school, where she meets Areida and learns Ayortheian.

· Hattie wears a wig.

All in all, a good read. Speedy, cute, funny, and romantic (my favorite).


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