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Touring Main Street, what a treat!


Sleepovers. That word in and of itself provides practically it's own definition. But, if you are experienced in sleepovers, what runs through your head will not, in fact be pillow fights, nightgown fashion shows or sleeping bags. Unless, of course, that's how you do sleepovers. Then, my mistake. I hope you enjoy life. No, what runs through my head when I think of sleeping over are as follows:
THAT's the gist of MY sleepovers. And, sorry, I'm not changing anytime soon. I for one would find the idea of a nightgown fashion show quite boring, and sleeping bags? Really? You might as well shoot me in the arm with an air soft gun, which I'm told raises welts. But I digress.
This particular sleepover, at Jayme's house, we did probably about 90% of the typical activities listed above. We even went to Wal-Mart! just not the way I go to Wal-Mart.
That morning we lazed around, waiting for something exciting to happen. Nope, nothing particularly exciting going on right now. Then, Jayme's older sister decided to go to downtown Mesa, and out of the goodness of their (Jayme and her sister's) hearts, decided they could take me! *gasp* Usually, people put me in the straight jacket provided, and throw me out of the car while passing my house at top speed.
So we went out and about, and (I think) the first store we entered was an antique shop. Oh. Wow. I've never been a big fan of antiques, I saw them as just some old trinkets left behind by some random old person, hoping someone would see the use in their worthless junk and cart it away, leaving a small heap of money where the old knickknack once stood. But this time, I was invited in by the thought of the old-people stuff. I wanted to see it. And once inside, was entranced by the beauty and uniqueness of this stuff. It was like a museum, and you couldn't help but be quiet, and silently kick yourself whenever you talked above a whisper. It was so tantalizing, being in here. We didn't want to leave. And we continued stumbling upon treasure after treasure, until we passed a small glass pumpkin.
"How cute!" I exclaimed, unthinking.
Thus ensuing a little old man to come over, undoubtedly the owner of this little corner of glass items, and he started giving us the lowdown on glass, glass-making, the age of the glass, and everything else he knew about glass. Glass, glass, glass. Who knew something so seemingly simple could be so complicated a subject? And on and on he went. It was interesting, and he seemed to trust us considerably because he let us hold two of his prized possessions: Italian glass vases. Well, one of them was Italian. I think. But after ten or so minutes of hefting heavy vases and listening to glass, we wanted to move on. Fortunately, Jayme's mom, who came at a later time, found us and oh-so-mercifully rescued us! It's hard to say no to an old dude who likes glass, you know. I suppose he just needed someone to talk to.
We stopped by some other shops, and looked at magnets at a photo stand. The lady selling the pictures and magnets told me a little about the pictures featured on the magnets and bookmarks. It was interesting, because every picture she described to me had a little story behind it. One, for instance, was a picture of a bunch of toilets surrounding some saguaro cacti. No I'm not kidding. She told me there was a restaurant or something nearby that was remodeling, and obviously, these potties simply wouldn't do. So out they went, and so she found them. She told me that those saguaros were girls, because girls are always in line to go to the bathroom. Then she said that a little boy (prickly pear cactus in the very back) had left the seat up on one of them. And "he" had! It was funny, and staged so perfectly that I had to laugh a little bit. I want to be a photographer when I grow up, I love taking pictures and seeing the beauty in otherwise ignored things. And on and on we went, stopping by each stand to look at the wares each person put out. There was a jewelery stand that had the most ADORABLE necklaces ever!
Best day ever. Thank you guys for letting me be an intruder in your household and putting up with me!!! You all rock. :DDD
That's why I love Mesa. I have the best school, best people in which I surround myself with, and the best places to go an a cloudy Saturday afternoon.
And another thing! A small shop called "The Sugar Shack" just opened right next to my school! Finally, the perfect after school hangout is mine!!!! I have pretty much dreamt of the perfect after school place to unwind, and so far, the best place I could go was the library. But the Sugar Shack will hopefully be just as good. But I'm probably just getting my hopes up sky high where they don't belong, and jumping to conclusions. I probably won't ever go to the Sugar Shack, and my dreams will slowly float back down to reality. Or fall and crash. So the library works too. I guess.
But the Sugar Shack has smoothies. And apparently they're hacking good, as reported by some friends. All I got was gum, since the smoothies were all gone, and no wonder. Because they were free. So the Sugar Shack has free smoothies/Otter Pops, cute couches, magazines and the best possible atmosphere since you can actually TALK, and the library has Internet and millions of wonderful books, and no talking.
Which would you choose?

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