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Today I went shopping with my mommy. It was so nice, because I feel like we haven't been spending enough time together and it feels like we've been sort of drifting apart. So this was a much needed, and MUCH enjoyed outing. We went to the bank, then Wally World. It was so nice and carefree, we just relaxed and chatted the whole time. I needed this, have I said that already? I love you mommy dearest! I hope you know that! Best mom I've ever had. I totally scored on parents, let me tell ya.
On the way home, we talked about Papa and Nana, my mom's grandparents. Papa was the only one I knew, and he died before Vanilla was born. I miss him though. Yes I have a good memory like that. I remember him taking me up and down the street in his electric wheelchair in the front basket. Papa, if you happen to be able to read this, know that I miss you and I wish I could have gotten to know you better. * kisses *

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