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Stupidity and you.

Don't you just loathe stupid people? Assuming you don't know them, of course. They rile me up like none other. Sometimes it amazes me how unthinking they are and then I remember... I'm looking in the mirror. Take last night for instance. I've had a horrible cough lately, and it will not go away no matter how often I have begged. So my Nana presented me with a Vicks inhaler thingy in which you fill it up with hot water and put a little pad with scented stuff in it and breathe. Through your nose. So I got it ready and took a nice BIG deep breath... through my mouth.
Gosh Vicks tastes bad!
My mum reminded me of the proper usage. Breathing through your nose helps.
Maybe I'll post pics if I feel like it. So in short, don't blame the stupid people. We've all been there.

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