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I don't know why, but these past few weeks have been so nice, because my sister Geneal and I have been... really good friends. Doesn't that sound horrible? No, no. Sorry that came out wrong. It's just, we haven't had any major arguments lately, and for some sick reason that's good. Crackers! That sounds horrid too! let me try to explain it:
Usually, we have kind of a love-fight relationship. We'll be really good friends, and then something snaps and we're at each others throats. Unfortunately, this is a part of life. And I hate it! I'm positive she hates it too. But as of late, we've been pretty well-behaved. No time outs for either of us! (Not that we have time outs, but you get the drift.) And so I say that it's sick because its so out-of-the ordinary, and I don't WANT it to be out-of-the ordinary, I want it to be normal. I'm sorry I'm such a jerk, Geneal! You are my favorite oldest sister ever! And, I can say that without offending anybody. Bahahaha. Let's keep being good friends, shall we? I think we shall. I want to grow up and look back on these years with you as some of the best, not the dark ages. Can we do that? We can work together, and I'll try not to be such a drip.
I love you sissy!!!!!!!!

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