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Reasons to hate being sick.


  1. It hurts- all over.
  2. People don't ignore you, but they sure aren't nice either. They scoot away from you as fast as possible.
  3. You have to warn your friends to stay away, because you don't want them sick.
  4. Hearing them say they don't care, even though you do.
  5. Coughing up a vital organ a few times a day.
  6. Sneaking couch drops all day long.
  7. Forgetting a water bottle.
  8. Hacking in the middle of a test.
  9. Blowing your nose every ten seconds.
  10. Blowing your nose during class, walking back to your desk to use your nice vanilla hand sanitizer, and having the teacher stop the lesson, turn to you, and in a loud voice tell you to use hand sanitizer.
  11. Sleeping. All the time, that's all you want to do.
  12. Not being able to smell or taste. Especially taste.
  13. Coughing so much it hurts your stomach.
  14. Spitting.
  15. In the morning, looking at your bleary eyes and having to use a ton of makeup to make them look normalish.
  16. When you cough, you sound like Wheezy from Toy Story. I do, I'm serious! I SQUEAK.
  17. Coughing so much in class the teacher looks at you in a worried way, and says "You poor thing".
  18. Interrupting everything you say with coughing.
  19. Being sick enough to be miserable, but not enough to miss school.
  20. Being constantly grumpy and wanting to throttle everybody.
I think I need a hug.

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