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Pictures! Cuz I know you crave 'em.

Okay gadies and lentleman, I'm breaking a major rule in my code of personal rules: I'm posting twice in the same day. *total big gasp here*. But, alas, I have come cute pictures and I need to post them before my creative little captions disappear from out of my head. So without further ado... (too late, huh? This ado has been furthered already) I present you... my pictures! And for the record, I will provide titles for each little group. Because I could do a bunch of posts, but that's just a waste of time. Even though that is what I desperately desire. :)

Yes, I'm well aware that this picture is upside-down. And guess what? I don't care! So HA! Ha HA! Ha ha... Okay I'm done. Monday was, Crazy Hair Day as you can see. I covered my lovely head in lovely flowers. Jayme covered her lovely head in... two pigtails. The effect was positively smashing! So cute!
This is my dear friend Julia. She is such a cutie. This was her hair before...
And this was after! Lunch is so fun. XD
At the library. Got some weird looks from weird people... awesome.
Oh yes.
Crazy sock/tie day. Okay, I love these girls to death, but put them together and ask them to pose for a picture... and, well...
They are the worst. Goofballs, I tell you! GOOFBALLS.
At last, I CUTE picture of us. We are really, cute, aren't we? Don't be shy. You can tell us.
Pink/green day and Herpetology club! Yes. What happens in Herpetology club... I can post on my blog. Deeheehee.
Believe it, bucko.

This is how we play Wii. How about you?
I'm not showing you a picture of anyone else though...

Obviously, as you can tell, we were pretty excited. We take our football very seriously. You should have seen us when the teams made a touchdown. Wow.
This is how we all reacted when the Saints won. We were thrilled. Absolutely thrilled, and we could hardly contain ourselves for joy.

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