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The (not so) Sweetheart Social

Yesterday was the famed Sweetheart Social for the seventh and eighth graders. Yes it was a week late as far as Valentine's Day is concerned. LAME planning on that part... Last year we had it in the auditorium and we had fun, I guess. I danced with two guys, and one of them turned out to be a hugemongo jerk who said one of the worst things I think you could ever say to me. I will not tell you what he said because then this post would turn into a big(ger?) rant-fest than it already is. So anyway, it was meh, and when I got home a church burned down.
Fat-forward to this year: no churches burned down to my knowledge.
That's probably the best thing I can say. I danced with no one, which is probably my fault cuz I asked no one, but still. Boys, have a little more courage! But I wasn't looking very good either (phat day) so that could explain it. Whatevs.
I also had fun getting ditched the whole entire time by everybody.
One of the major reasons no dancing was done by me was the fact that the majority of the music played was hip-hop and crap like that. Oh, there was other songs, I'll grant you that. But the other songs were lame too. Give us some real love songs to move to, please! Another reason for no dancing was, whenever the lame tunes were on, the people would form a circle, and this high-schooler (part of student council?) would go around, dancing hip-hop and pull in some random people to do it with her. And they apparently knew how to dance like that too, because they did. One particular seventh grader was pretty good, but he was totally trying to hard, imitating the girl's movements. (A sidenote, whenever she was walking around encouraging them to dance, she looked VERY foolish. Just sayin'.)
I went into the bathroom, for lack of something better to do. While I was in there, this song came on. I thought to myself, hmm, Colbie Caillat. It's an okay song, not her best work, but eh, whatever... I walk out and the student council council announced: "And that was our own Alex Aiono singin' for ya!" Um, oops. Alex is the most popular BOY in junior high, seventh and eighth. B-O-Y.
All in all, it stunk. I'm fed up with hip-hop, jerkin', and Justin Beiber. Sorry, student council. We're not all gangsta like you.

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