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New shoes, confidence, and pickles.

Last night my Nana took me and my sister Geneal out shopping as sort of a way-late birthday present. I went with a purpose: get a belt, some shoes, and maybe something else. Like body spray, cuz I'm runnin' low. Anyway, I got my belt (green transparent rubbery stuff- CUTE) and then went on to find shoes. I had some school shoes in mind, but instead I got the CUTEST. SUNDAY SHOES. EVER. Oh, my. They were like mary janes with way high heels. So freakin' cute!!!!!!!!! And they were on clearance, twenty to fourteen, from L.E.I.
It's amazing how shoes make you feel like a supermodel. Ahhh..... Pics later.
I also got a giant pickle in a bag from QT. Pics later.

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