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A mildly cruddy day...

Sometimes day just flop. Just completely and utterly... flop over and there is nothing you can do about it. Take, hmm. Today for example. Kinda a little bit floppy. I wake up at 5:30 (the usual) and listen to a bright, bubbly song to get me up. I work on a homework assignment for a but, then jump in the shower. After that, I get dressed in my loverly uniform and it's time for breakfast- Ramen. I discover in first period that Ramen does nothing for ya. I mean, I knew that but I thought it would at least hold me over. Not so.
In first hour, we all switched seats so I'm now in front. Oh j-o-y. Then we played games the whole time, which wasn't too bad, except for when I goofed on a question and my team boo'ed me. I hate that kind of teamwork. "We love you, but if you screw up, you are so toast." Whatevs. In second hour I realized I forgot to take the notes required, but otherwise the homework was fine. We had to take the van instead of walking to the library- lots of fun. Actually, it was because we wasted so much time trying to get all of our seat belts buckled. Don't roll your eyes! It was hard because my seatbelt decided it didn't like me and refused to come out that little hole in the upholstery. It was fun, still. That's about it for fun in THAT particular class. Then lunch rolled around. After waiting outside her class for five minutes, I decided to ditch Jayme and get my lunch. Yes I could have gone in and grabbed her, but where's the fun in that, I mean really? So I get spaghetti and toast! Yay. Especially for toast, because I shared it. I forget my fork. I retrieve it, and then after a few bites, I drop it in the gravel. Accidentaly, of course! Then I get a new one, and continue. It starts raining, with some killer wind. I... am... FREEZING. Then the rain/wind up and chucks my spaghetti onto the ground/my pants. After that little adventure, I decide to go up into my next class to try to warm up. But... they lock us all out! What the flip?! I'm sooo cold! In citizenship I didn't listen, as usual. Something about a dude... in history. Meh. Then I work on some homework due and then we grade. Turns out if I had been able to finish that assignment I would have gotten 100%. Grr... Math... Um, nevermind. I will stop there.

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