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Love, love... love?

Happy V-day eve everybody! This is my favorite holiday, I am ashamed to admit. I'm ashamed because it's kinda overrated and hated by various people everywhere. And my stupid imagination/ fantasy machine runs away with me always, leaving a cold hard shock when I realize that would NEVER happen. I've never even had a real Valentine all to myself, because we always gave out the generic character ones at school. So I never had a chance to have my own Valentine until sixth grade. That year, I got two Valentines. But, before you go thinking how lucky I was to have two boys fawning over my beauty, keep in mind they were both six years old. But, I thought, why not? It'll be fun to have my first Valentines! So I got them some candy and a personalized card... and...
they BOTH forgot the question they had asked me. The question that went a little like, "Will you be my Valentine?" But oh well. Six-year-olds can't be expected to remember things like Valentines.
Unless, of course, six-year-olds actually do remember and this was just a rare case of amnesia. Whatevs. This year, I have a Valentine. And they are NOT six! :)
Tonight was supposed to be my first dance. And how appropriate? My first dance on the night of my favorite holiday. But... also appropriate... Us Young Women decided to help out on this blessed night by babysitting to raise moolah for Girl's Camp. But, no problemo, right? I'll just babysit for a while and then go to the dance. Perfecto!
Not so.
As it so conveniently turns out, I kind of HAVE to babysit tonight, unless I want to ditch out on GC (Girls' Camp), or come up with the cha-ching by myself. Which normally wouldn't be an issue, except business has been super sluggish lately. So I doubt I would be able to do that. And another thing, I don't possess a dance card, courtesy of stupid things getting in the way. And I know that the dances probably won't be NEAR the dreams I have concocted, and they'll be totally lame, I still wanted to attend! And the next time I can go, I probably won't be alone. Some friends might be going too. I just wish I could go alone for the first time, but whatever. That's not how things turned out to be. Instead of spending the night dancing with *people*, I'll spend it with whiny kids. Happy Valentine's Day.

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