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♥ Eye Heart You All! ♥

So everybody: Valentine's Day. Do you like my new layout for my blog? I know, it's adorable. I'm thinkin' of tweaking it a lil' bit.. so prepare yourself for more changes. I just thought it was so stinking cute I had to write about it a bit. So guys, how was Singles Appreciation Day? I'm (currently) single, but I sure felt appreciated. Two A.M., really? REALLY?! Oh, whoops. Nobody knows what I'm talking about, do they? Allow me to explain.
I suffered a massive heart attack today.
No, not THAT, people! Stop it! I'm not in the ER, pinkie-swear. Some "mystery" people came and heart-attacked me. At two a.m.
I'm also 99.9% sure whodunit. But let me give you details on just why I know it was two in the freakin' morning when this happened.
My sister Lula was having a horrid earache and kept my mum up into the wee hours of the morn. She was walking out of the living room when she saw a car out front that looked suspiciously like her best friend's car. But then she sees this tall, slender lady OUT IN THE FRONT LAWN, BENT OVER SOMETHING. My mom is sure this woman has come to steal the wagon out front, she just knows it. But after a minute or two, the stranger gets into the car and drives away, wagon-less. So the small child's vehicle is safe, but what about the rest of the lawn? What if she put mines down there or something? (okay, that part was me right there. My mom wasn't actually thinking it. Just a little dramatic emphasis.) So she steps out and discovers that I've just had a heart attack.
And I think I know who caused it.

These are the hearts left on my doorstep. Regrettably I didn't take any pictures of the front lawn, for the simple reason that I am stupid. That's all I have to say here. If you look, you can see the handwriting. Guess what? I know who's handwriting it is. Bahaha. I'm too smart for you, my dear!!! And by the description of the car, and "lady out front" I know who you two are. Sorry, you're busted. But thank you, you made my day. :DDD
What did you think of today? I mean the fact that the day of love was on a Sunday. I'm not sure how I liked it, because I couldn't really go out to do stuff, but then again, it's preferable because on any other day it could be kind of awkward. Does that make sense?
On another note...
Due to the fact that it was Sunday, I got to get all dolled up for church! Boy, I bet Cupid wanted to shoot me sooo bad. Not tooting my own horn here, but I looked cute. I think. Take black tights, Sushi's pink polka-dotted dress (yes I fit into my nine-year-old sister's clothing), black spike heels, a sweet messy side bun with a pink rose, and pink eyeshadow... and you get: CUTENESS!

See what I mean? Didn't get a full body pic, but whatevs. So church was fun. I didn't have to stay in the foyer like originally expected! I was worried I would be coughing my lungs out that much. Because it's been like that for about a week now. Ugh. Moving on.
Dance carded, that is. After waiting for a month (that is forever in DQ years, my friends), I finally got it! now I can go to dances and be swept off my feet by the sheer thought of it. Or I could be swept off my feet by prince charming. Those things happen at dances, you know.
And yes, I have full knowledge of the fact that the dances will probably be totally dumb, and boring, and no fun unless you have a bunch of friends there, but ever since I found out that I could start going to these things, my fantasies have soared way past the point where common sense can find them. So nothing except a cold splash of reality can wake me up from this dream of mine. I feel like Cecily Cardew from The Importance of Being Earnest. She is my role model, I suppose. But... yeah. So I'm pretty psyched. However, I cannot "bear hug", "freak", or join in a nice "mosh pit". But they don't have to worry. I'm not that mental. Well...
Never mind. I just won't do that kind of junk.

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