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Sometimes, I'm evil. It's so fun...
Like the time I was having a sleepover at Kaitlyn's house, so I walked to her house (we live across the alley from each other), called her on my Dad's cell and told her I was ready. I just didn't tell her how ready I was. So i hid just out of her view, and revealed myself when she walked out, unsuspecting.
She yelled.
Or the time I was going to Jayme's house. I had my Dad stop a ways away from her house so I could walk the rest of the way. I got to her house, sat on her lawn out of the vision range, and texted her, asking to wait for me outside. I sat there for a few minutes, my heart pumping with adrenaline. She walked out (finally), and I said oh-so-casually,
"Oh, did I mention I was already here?"
She said I gave her a heart attack.
Bahaha.I've also honked at her while she was in the yard raking.
She jumped, oh about a mile or so.

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