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Yadda yadda yadda. I'm not crazy, I promise. I'm talking! HA!

Today was, Sunday. As you know. It also happened to be ward conference, and little me was chosen to be the youth speaker. This was the second talk I've given, and this time was considerably worse. Well, shake-wise, that is. I suppose it's because last time my dad was in the bishopric so it gave me some courage. I also had heaps of help from him in writing the talk itself last time. But this time, it was all me. ALL. ME. When the bishop announced my name, I looked down and saw my pulse. Which is totally normal for me, because I can look down at any given time and see my heartbeat (which I happen to HATE seeing for some odd reason), but this time it was over the top. It was wayyy visible, almost like breathing. And it was fast, very, very fast. But, thankfully, when I stood up I found I was- still alive. Whoa. This is some serious progress we're makin' here. However, during the whole thing, my legs were shaking something fierce. I probably looked just like one of those weird hula chicks who wiggle their hips at the speed of light. But according to me Pop 'n' Mumsie, they couldn't tell. So it's all good. I think I did pretty good at it. I suppose.
That is all.

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