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Shout it out!

Okay, so this year I'm going to do something spectacular. I'm going to celebrate, hopefully a lot. What am I going to celebrate, you ask? Well, I'm going to celebrate...
The greatest thing to celebrate! And, as it so happens, I have quite a few of them to celebrate. It IS January, after all. The rules of the game are:
  1. I have to know you,
  2. I have to know when your birthday is, and
  3. I can only list five things about that person.
Pretty simple, huh? I like to think that simple rules or guidelines make doing things more fun, don't you think?
The first birthday is...
My cousin Shannon! Her birthday was on January 4th, and she turned 14. And the Fabulous Five Facts are:
  1. She is my cousin! Yes, that is a fact.
  2. She has the awesomest pool ever! It is saline, also so I like it even more because of that.
  3. She is the youngest girl in her family
  4. She is an aunt
  5. and, she is very, very fun to hang out with! I love you!
The second birthday is...
My dearest, darlingest DADDY! His birthday was on January 5th and he turned- let's not disclose that right now. And his Fabulous Five Facts for today are:
  1. He rides a red Honda Shadow motorcycle. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself.
  2. He does a cool flag presentation for Constitution week at my school, and everyone always comments on how neat it was.
  3. He's pretty much an awesome father.
  4. One of his favorite holidays is Halloween, and he totally decks out our house for that occasion.
  5. He takes me to special events, and I love talking with him on almost any topic.
The third birthday is...
my friend Annie! Her birthday was also on January 5th and she is now 14 years old! She's a Mermaid! (sorry, inside joke...) Here's the Fabulous Five Facts!
  1. We've known each other since preschool.
  2. We invented our own language that we still use today.
  3. We are exactly a week apart in age.
  4. We have never had a fight, but we've been involved in fights, such as the Stomping War at school. I can't even remember what that fight was about. Do you?
  5. She got engaged in sixth grade. :)
And the last, but most positively not least is...
My sister Geneal! Her birthday was January 6th and she turned twelve. She is now in Young Womens and (hopefully) enjoying it! And now, without further ado, I present...
The Fabulous Five Facts!!!!!
  1. When we were little, we had special divisions for who got what and such. Even colors and beverages. Pink and green, juice and milk, peas and greenbeans. And it was not acceptable for either of us to step outside our little boundaries. What crazy kids!
  2. We played superheroes all the time. Sally and Jenny, and we saved the world from F Claw, (a stick that looked like an F) F Claw Junior, (another stick) and Killjoy the deranged clown.
  3. She entered the poster contest in her school, advertising for the fall festival, and lost to a complete drip of a poster! Yuck!
  4. She plays the violin, and in her recital was one of the best players in that performance. And I'm not even saying that to be nice.
  5. She is a very lovable person, and I'm very lucky to be able to have her as a sister!
Well folks, that's the only birthdays I have in my database right now. So keep smiling and have a wonderful day!

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