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Random Ramblings.

I feel obligated to post today. Because "someone" said I don't post often enough. :P So I'm going back to our dear friend plinky.
Just because I need some inspiration.
Actually, I'm getting inspiration through my brain. Nevermind. Sorry, Plinky!

I've decided to write a story. About how I met my friends. The first friend I will write about is none other than Kay-Kay! We've known each other since... well, that's what this post is about, isn't it?
And now, without further ado, I present to you:

How I met: Kaitlyn.

(Kaitlyn is the bottom right.)
When I was six years old, we (my family) moved to the house that we live in currently. That Sunday, was the first time I met her. I don't remember much about this particular time, other than she didn't sit by me. I really don't know much about our past as far as our six year old stories go, so I will skip ahead to a few years later.
We were about eight. I had officially become a friend of some sort, to her. But I felt like such a third wheel, because she already HAD a best friend. Oh sure, we hung out together sometimes, but I always felt somewhat un-included. Like I had to be there, they were forced to play with me. They also had American Girl Dolls. Oh, how I loved those dolls! I remember that Christmas I got one. Best. Christmas. Ever.
One particularly painful memory that I harbor inside was when Kay-Kay's best friend had a birthday. I had no knowledge of it at all, and i felt terrible. It was like I didn't deserve to know about her aging. What's weirdest is it doesn't have any significance whatsoever, but I felt crushed. I would have loved, loved LOVED to get her a present. But I digress.
I also remember the time at church I looked over and Kaitlyn was laughing at me. Oh boy. It hurt, and for a while I avoided her. But apparently, we were supposed to be friends because sooner or later, I came around and we became fast friends. I remember having sleepovers at her house and how much fun we had. We wrote a song, (About chicken, no less) and had screaming contests. One time, her older brother came in and tickled us with- a cat toy. Ah, good times, good times. And so we've come so far.
We now like going to Wal-Mart together and sticky noting. We also like fake accents and dancing to our song in the car.
Thanks Falinda Jo. It's been real! We also have nicknames in case you didn't pick that one up. Here's to many more years of Wal-Mart and other crazy stuff.
I will post about another friend soon, but first I have to ask if I can tell about the first night we met. Don't worry, the police isn't involved. :)

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