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Mutually disapointed.


Obviously I had a birthday, making me officially 14 years of age. And so, naturally I became a Mermaid. A Mia Maid really, but... long story. Anyway, Wednesday was my first Mutual activity as a Mia Maid! But, instead of doing anything particularly fun, exciting or stimulating, we...
Planned for the month, planned for the year, planned for whatever. If I had remembered this, I bet it would have been more fun, due to the fact that (hopefully) I would have had more ideas. But alas, none to much came to mind. Hardly anything, come to think of it. But whatever, moving on.
I was kinda uncertain, seeing as how I was new to the whole Mia Maid division, and a small part of me wanted to be welcomed into this new segment with more enthusiasm. I got a few heys, and welcome to Mermaids, pretty much the usual. I was slightly taken aback, because it seemed like the other Mia Maids got more of a fanfare. But I will move on.
The whole time, it seemed like the Beehives were silently (and sometimes verbally) teasing/ mocking us. Was it just because of me? What did I do, grow? What's bad about that?
I wish my ideas were more listened to. I still think cardboard sledding would have been fun.

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