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How I met: Jayme.


We met at Kaitlyn's house actually. She was having a late night (?) and it was her, me, Nikki and... Jayme.
So we talked for a bit, and me and her didn't talk to each other. We'd just met, you know and didn't have much to say. But then........
Nikki did something and shouted "PLUG YOUR NOSE!"
And plug her nose she did.
As in, two fingers, up the nose, INTO her nostrils.
Whoa, baby did we laugh. And laugh, and laugh. And then we laughed a little more. And Jayme? She turned red.
We moved on after a bit, and continued talking, with the occasional random shouting of "plug your nose".
Bahahahahahahahaha. :)
Now, don't ask me how or why, because I don't know, but a little while later Jayme and Nikki got into a heated argument. About who was the bigger cowboy: Jayme's dad or Nikki's grandpa. To make it more convincing, Jayme started using this ATTROCIOUS fake country accent. She continued this drawl until we started teasing her, and she kept dismissing it and saying it wasn't on purpose, she just sometimes talked like that. What. Ever. We finally started calling her cowgirl, to which she promptly replied, in the FAKEST ACCENT YET, mind you:
"I'm not a cowgirl, dang flab it!!!" (It sounded more like: A'm nowt a cowgirl, dayng flayab it!!!) Then we laughed. And laughed, and laughed. At her. We almost wet our pants we laughed soooo hard! After that, we had a rousing game of Truth or Dare, in which we slathered on about a pound of lipgloss and made out with oranges. Don't ask. After we went home, I laughed a little bit and thought about that night.
I didn't really like Jayme. She was weird.
So the time rolled by and I found myself at Girl's Camp. I was walking by the bathrooms during capers, and stumbled upon a girl who looked strangely like...
Yes, it was! We said hi, and went on with life. Then seventh grade came. And I met her again! We became friends, and now we've gotten closer than ever. I'm glad we met at Kaitlyn's, plugged our noses, and made out with citrus. Thanks, Kaitlyn, dayng flayab it!!!

And I still think she's weird. But in a good way. XD
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