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And the magic number is......

Well guys, fourteen years ago yesterday, at ten thirty-nine a.m. in the Desert Samaritan Hospital a life begun outside the womb. A marvelous journey began. And fourteen years have gone by oh-so-fast, and this year already feels like trickling sand in my fingers. Yes, everybody, that teeny tiny little baby born on that day in January 1996 was me. And to celebrate, I'm going to post a whole slew of things about me and, well, we'll see.

Fourteen things you may (or may not) have known about me:

  1. I am afraid of smoke detectors. They freak me out because of that little blinky light. It all started when I was little... I'll tell you the story if you ask. Or not, it depends.

  2. Baseball bores me to tears. It's fun to play on the Wii, and sure I've seen a couple good movies, but other than that... UGH.

  3. When I was little, I had a makeup line all set out in my mind called The Lighter Touch. Sounds professional, doesn't it? It never got developed however. Bummer.

  4. I have an imaginary Friend named Cherry Melanie, and she is currently sixteen, although for the past eleven years she was the same age as me. Whatever.

  5. I was a total SPACE GEEK when I was younger. I had totally made up my mind to become an astronaut and I got a solar system model for my 8th birthday- coolest. present. ever.

  6. I will never eat at Long John Silver's ever again for as long as I live. I got quite sick.

  7. I like mermaids.

  8. In grade school, I loathed writing with a burning flame of hate, and now I'd like to become an author. What a world.

  9. I have fallen in love with the piano.

  10. I love bubbles and balloons and floaty things, it makes me feel like I can fly just by watching them closely.

  11. I don't like skirts, but I would love to have a flowy skirt like the ten virgins have at the Easter Pageant. I would also like one of those awesome tutus, not the classic ballerina ones you see in cartoons, but simply a really poufy skirt.


  13. Almost to the end. I have the most lovely guitar ever, and yet I cannot play it. Sad, sad day.

  14. I like techno-ish music. Electronic, if you will. Love it love it love it!

Fourteen songs:

  1. Fireflies-Owl City

  2. Then I woke up-Clique Girlz

  3. My life would suck without you-Kelly Clarkson

  4. Just Dance-Lady GaGa

  5. Fire and Rain-Mat Kearny

  6. The Adventure-Angels and airwaves

  7. Halo-Beyonce

  8. Rainbow veins-Owl city

  9. Mushaboom-Feist

  10. Pictures of you-The last goodnight

  11. Human-The killers

  12. I would walk 500 miles-The proclaimers

  13. On my way-Phil Collins

  14. Hot air balloon-Owl city


So, you want the rundown of how this blessed day went, no? Of course you do. And if you don't want to, then just go away and cry. Right now. Start crying! Oh look. you're still here. Oh well....

This year was the first year I panicked. I'm strange that way, huh? You see, every birthday, in the morning my family will waltz right into the person's room, and "wake them up" by singing happy birthday. Well, I say "wake up" with quotation marks because, hello, it's your birthday and you never sleep that night! :) So this time I woke up at precisely 5:52 a.m., and I flipped out. I know, how irrational is that? I still had T I M E. So I focused on just relaxing and waited for the ceremonial waking of the birthday girl.
Oh goodness.
They forgot about me. It's probably six fifteen. They forgot, they forgot. I knew it, I just knew it was... barely six 'o' clock. I'm safe! Wait a second... I hear VOICES! No, not in my head. I know the distinction. ;) I also hear Lula hacking her lungs out right outside my door, so it must be soon. Then... the fluorescent lights come on blinding us totally in the process, and the singing begins! I hide under the blankets because I can't see. Then the rest of the morning goes by without hardly any change at all, except one of my best friends, Julia calls me to wish me happy birthday. She has a really great voice, even early in the morning!
At school, I walk to my locker, and I think about the rest of the day. I'm really not expecting much at all, not even... having mu locker decorated so cutely? Really? EEEE!!! They decorated it! I have the best friends ever! I walk over, spellbound by the cuteness of it all and my two partners in crime, Julia and Jayme walk over and give me little presents and bear hugs. The rest of the time at school, I get compliments on my hair, which is curly and adorable, and happy birthday wishes. My teacher even calls me birthday girl the whole time. Then after school, I beawesome (not bedazzle) my bag with the buttons I generously bought for myself as a personal birthday present. Then Jayme and I walk home, because- yay, she is staying at my house for my dinner!!! Steak, potatoes and cheesecake. I also get kicked out of my room because Geneal decorated it to surprise me, along with the option of my own room! YES!
My own room, ah...
My only present is a 25 dollar gift card to iTunes. JUST what I wanted!
That's all. The end, I had an awesome day!

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