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Are you one of millions of people who have a younger sibling close to your own age? Do you ever get mixed up, with people calling you by their name? Guess what? That makes two of us. Well, if you happen to be in that situation, at least. I have a younger sibling, Geneal, you may know her. She's two years younger than me, and we're pretty much the same height. And we get mixed up ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. You'd think I'd be used to it, right? Nope. It still bugs me to death. I mean, sure, we look related, but I don't think we look alike. She has darker skin, i have light. She has wire-rimmed glasses, and her hair is longer. Dark brown eyes as well. I have shoulder-length hair (wow it grew fast) plastic-framed glasses and light brown eyes. So why do we keep getting mixed up? I am so tired of being called Vanilla. Oddly enough, it seems she isn't the one who is always called by my name. Huh.....
My family, friends, teachers, all of them. Always getting mixed up. Should I just start to wear shirts that have my name printed all over them? *sigh*. If you're reading this, DO NOT CALL ME BY MY SISTER'S NAME. I WILL GIVE YOU A SWIFT KICKING. Okay, not literally, but I will be kicking you in my head, so beware!

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