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TV shows that I've been obsessed with as of late...

We all have those times. Looking for something good to watch and you stumble upon a gem of a show and you're hooked. Or, you've seen the ads for this particular show and it looks stupid, but what the heck? Why not? And you're hooked. Yes friends, I have become utterly in love with three of these. Well, not just me, my dad too. In fact, we've stayed up until midnight or later watching them. I've even started dreaming in episodes! I'm ashamed. But the question is, what are these shows that I've been so affectionately watching and raving over? Wait no longer! I'm positively fascinated by:


And then there's:
I think Criminal Minds is my favorite. And after that, NCIS, and after that Ghost Whisperer. I saw NCIS at a sleepover, and Criminal Minds I saw because it was after NCIS and it looked cool. Ghost Whisperer we (my dad and I) saw because we thought it looked dumb. So naturally, we wanted to watch it. :) All three are way better than Law and Order and CSI, the shows we were previously obsessed with.
So, going off into a tangent... Who's excited for Christmas? I am, we're going to have a merry little one!

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