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Sometimes I wish I were more emotional. Does that make sense? Not ALL the time of course, just after a performance. I wish I could cry. And not sob and scream and carry on, just tear up a little bit. I think that's so weird, but I still would like to cry- just barely. Don't judge me! Why am I talking about this? Because if you don't know, I was just in my FIRST EVER DANCE CONCERT! It was so much fun. All semester, we worked our butts off, and we showed what we learned. I loved doing it, even though it started out hard for me, I think I got better and we showed it!!!!!!!! It was soooo good! 'On my way' is now one of my favorite songs. I miss it I miss it I miss it! My teacher did so well, and her T.A. She's one of my favorite teachers. When we were on deck, I would look over across the stage and she'd be there, watching. It was comforting. She was there for us, she watched us (and graded us), it was just so... nice. I wanted to give her a hug at the end, but that's kind of awkward. Still. I wish I'd done it.

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