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Ring it in!


Goodbye, 2009... I will miss you. I will miss all the wonderful things that you brought to me, allowing those events to be shaped by my growing hands. May your memories remain fond and lovely, and I'm grateful I lived it.
Sometimes I wish that New Years was a thing, something material. But I suppose it would be harder to let go of. I don't know, New Years has always been such a rush and every time that it's over I find myself pining for the old year. Because I'm afraid of the new year. Like a dog, it can seem big and scary at first, even cruel. But give it time, and I promise things will get better. After all, dogs almost always turn out nice. Why shouldn't years be any different? We've had our share of good and bad years, along with dogs we've met. But this year, embrace this dog and make it yours. Live it to the fullest every second, and don't be afraid to be sad when that dog's time is up. Move on, and it'll be okay. I promise.
Merry 2010 everyone. May your year be as good as possible. And don't stress. Stress sucks.

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