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Popular blog = more posts?

Just contemplating...
you've read some popular blogs, right? I'll just assume that you have. I'll also assume you follow some such popular blogs. Have you noticed how often they post? I follow a blog and the author will post at least five or more A DAY. Is that just how they become popular? Posting 24/7? I'll also assume that's the answer. So, what about the others? Can a blog be popular without posting often? Maybe not. But what about this blog? I think I post often enough, but no one reads it.
You know what's dumb? I've sort of mutually convinced myself that I can't post more than once a day. So I leave all my brilliant inspirations behind to be forgotten, all because of what
I think. But from now on, I'm going to post whenever I feel like it.


p.s., how cute is this kid??? He has sprouted two little teeth, and is scooting around like a madman!
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