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Obviously, Wii have a lot of fun...

It's the day after Christmas. The whole entire house is a mess, and nobody really seems to care. The living room is pretty much past hope, strewn over with wrapping paper and small presents nobody has claimed yet. We're all playing around with our presents, and spending time together, even though we're doing separate things.
The sound of falsetto, slightly out of tune singing rings throughout the house as the sound of rubber drums bang on and on, with alternating rhythms. And the same song is being played over and over. Yes, everyone, we have gotten a Wii for Christmas. Yes, I'm talking about Rock Band. Well, actually Band Hero, but it's basically the same. :P The Wii has been playing nonstop for the last two days, and it's getting kinda annoying.
How was your Christmas? Mine was fabulous, I got all kinds of cool stuff. Like a fuzzy robe. I also got a beautiful notebook, with a real calligraphy pen. I can begin my career as an author in style!
Speaking of writing, I, being the amazing writer that I am, have decided upon a story. It's about a girl and a boy. Original, huh? Anyway, this girl in their school who calls herself "the matchmaker" decides to try an experiment with Lois, the main character, and Matthew, the other main character. But Lois thinks that Matthew is a conceited jerk who is so full of himself that he doesn't think anyone is worth his time. But she just doesn't know him. and I'm not quite done with the plot, but that's what I have so far. When I type it out like this, it sounds stupid. But I'm trying not to over think.

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