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I did it.

Well, a few days ago, I got to do one of the things I have aspired to do for a long time. It's a stupid thing, I know. But all the same...
I was able to babysit three kids whom I have silently adored for years. Not alone, mind you. My friend called and asked if I wanted to go just to keep her company. I wasn't really going to watch them, but still! It was my chance to play with them, and talk to them. Even if I was simply a standby, an invisible helper.
That last part was T-R-U-E.
We got there, and the kids instantly started screaming for my friend. Nobody screamed for me. At least I was there. Nobody even noticed me, I was an intruder, a freak. I didn't belong. So I stood there smiling like an idiot, indulging myself with the thought that I was here with them. Even if they didn't notice or care in the least.
And as it turns out, I wasn't invisible after all.
Well, mostly.
I got my hair brushed by a two year old. Well, more like yanked...
And the oldest girl talked to me and sat by me for a movie.
And the oldest boy? he called me a hobo.
But it was really fun, and I'm glad I got to watch those cute kids before they move.

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