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I am a... MAGICIAN!!!!!


Yes folks, you heard right: I am, in fact, very much a magician. And I'm not talking about disapearing only to reappear in bed asleep, nor am I talking about making cookies spontaneously disappear. I can do those things too, mind you, but this is special. This is... not actually magic. But whatever.
My magical career began yesterday night at the DeWitt white elephant gift exchange, where we met, talked exchanged insanely awesome gifts and pigged out-just a little. I got a vintage Christmas box filled with goodies, and so on and so forth. And then, wonder of wonders, SecretAgentL discovered a very cool, very unique, very SHARP treat: a magic trick! It was a kit that taught you how to push a GIGANTIC NEEDLE OF SHARPNESS through-yes through-the balloon. But, it was sharp, he is three, and those two do not mix in any way, shape or form. So I very slyly slunk the trick into my elephant of a box (white elephant. Get it? Ha!) where he wouldn't find it. And so at home, I pored over the instructions and learned how to viciously stab a ball of inflated rubber and have no side effects. The next day, I pulled the needle, the balloons and the paper out of its hiding place and I got ready to try my hand at magic. But then I realized I had to lubricate it first. So I oiled a napkin and blew up the balloon. While I was reading the instructions over again, I had Sushi swipe down the needle to cover it with oil. But she slipped and stabbed me. Oh well. Then I got ready, and pushed the needle into the pliable rubber flesh of the balloon. And... ladies and gentlemen................ IT WORKED! I pushed it all the way through and displayed my handiwork to my parents. And then I pulled the needle out, stated that there was nothing more fragile than a balloon, and then I popped it!
The interesting thing about this trick, is it is clearly scientifical. I know how it works, I just can't tell you the mechanics of it. I will save that for another post. Until next time...
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