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For lack of something better to do...


I decided to blog. Just for fun, I'll tell you all what I did today! *yay*
Well, we have a science project coming due pretty soon, and so since I'm the captain I invited one of my fellow teammates, Jayme, to my humble abode to work on zee project. So she came over, and we began. She brought over the stuff, and we got a good setup going But then we realized something.
We needed pictures.
So I downloaded the pictures on the computer, and Jayme skipped merrily out to climb a tree. Don't ask.
We ordered the prints and got set to wait. We looked for a glue stick but alas, no luck. So then it was time to get the prints and we rode our bikes down to the Walgreens closest to us. On the way there, we met interesting people. Such as:
Freaky guys who looked like thugs,
a nice hobo who rode a bike that was so covered in plastic bags stuffed with stuff it looked like he was on a cloud of groceries.
...and, of course, Diz-Z!! He is awesome.
We got the pictures and headed home.
Then we realized that, we needed ink in order to print out some of our research. :P So we headed BACK to Walgreens and Jayme headed in the store this time, emerging with three packages of gummy worms (just one dollar! Ha!) and no ink. It was at a different store. RRRRRG. Ah well.
Afterwards, we went to her house to finish up, and we wrestled-I'm serious. WRESTLED-over the gummy worms.
Long story.
So to sum it all up, we had an enjoyable time.

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